The pope calls for unity to the Church of Venezuela

Pope Francis today asked the Church of Venezuela for unity and not to give in to "fractures", in the message he sent to the national meeting of bishops and priests of this country that is being held virtually due to the pandemic, EFE reported.

“May God bless you and accompany your unity. Do not fracture brothers. Do not fracture. There is always a possibility to join. As always there is a possibility of isolating oneself and creating a sectarian attitude of the heart, outside the unity of the Church ”, Francis told them in a video message.

The Argentine pope applauded this meeting because "taking into account the difficulties that also plague so many of our brothers and sisters in Venezuela and throughout the world" especially at this time of pandemic.

"This is an occasion to share, in a spirit of ministerial brotherhood, their priestly experiences, their fatigue, their uncertainties, as well as their hopes and conviction to carry forward the work of the Church, which is the Lord's work," he added in his speech.

Francisco asked them not to act in these moments "alone, isolated, self-sufficient, with hidden agendas" and to dedicate themselves to serving "everyone, particularly the less fortunate and so often discarded brothers and sisters, and that, in this time of crisis, they feel accompanied, supported, loved ”.

On the other hand, he thanked the priests “who have brought the power of the word of God and the Eucharist; manifested in their accompaniment to the medical personnel, paramedics and volunteers who assist patients in this pandemic; in their diligence to help the poor and excluded, for those who lack what is necessary to survive and get ahead with dignity.

As well as the numerous charitable initiatives of the Church towards "the brothers extreme due to poverty and the health crisis."