Peru's opposition asks Congress to remove President Castillo

A group of Peruvian legislators presented in Congress on Thursday a request for vacancy against President Pedro Castillo that could imply his dismissal, due to an alleged "moral incapacity" to exercise the position.

The congressmen created a document in which they subscribe that the current president of Peru lacks the moral capacity to lead the country. The initiative has the support of 28 members of the right-wing groups Renovación Popular and Fuerza Popular, a party led by Keiko Fujimori, who was defeated by Castillo.

For the vacancy request to advance, the vote in favor of 52 congressmen is required to admit it to debate in the plenary session, and then 87 votes to approve it and make his departure effective, something that his predecessor Martín Vizcarra suffered (2018-2020 ) despite having been stripped of the position with more than 60% popularity.

The Congress is unicameral and is made up of 130 representatives in total. In the previous one, blocs allied and even opposed to the ruling Peru Libre have expressed themselves against an attempt to unseat the chief executive, in order to regain political stability in the country.

After the formal presentation of the motion in Parliament, President Pedro Castillo led an official act in which he referred to the issue and was confident of its continuity: «I am not worried about political noise, because I have been elected the people, the mafia or the corrupt have not chosen me. That is why I owe myself to the people, I am calm. as the town must also be calm. The people deserve respect, "he said. / Agencies



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