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The insult as a flag in Milei's diplomacy

The far-right Argentine president has already caused several external crises

When one hears about diplomacy, without needing to resort to the dictionary, one immediately associates the term with good treatment, with respect, especially when it comes to relations between the governments of different States.

That, at least, has usually been the case. However, since the presidential campaign, the then candidate for the highest office in Argentina and now head of state of that country, the far-right Javier Milei, has given a spin to the “art and practice of building and maintaining relationships and carrying out carry out negotiations”, when it comes to leaders or nations with which it does not share ideological affinities, in those cases brandishing the insult as a flag.

From his insults against China, the presidents of Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela (there was nothing missing), among many, he came to the most recent episode resulting from his verbal incontinence, referring in an inappropriate way to the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, and his wife Begoña Gómez, on their unofficial visit to that country last weekend.

This attitude has generated a severe diplomatic crisis with a country with which Argentina maintains important ties, causing bitter criticism in very different sectors.

Irreversible damage

“The crisis caused by a country with which we have a common history, with influence on different aspects of our lives, is very serious and here we should not trivialize or justify that Milei has crazy traits, even though he actually has psychological problems; The action is that of a head of state. Of course, he had already committed a diplomatic irregularity in his treatment of a president and the king of a country, that of Spain, by not having planned a meeting with them, which was later aggravated by those statements," analyzes the former Argentine ambassador to Venezuela. Oscar Laborde.

"Of course, it is a mandate that he believes he has, to sow the seeds of 'freedom' throughout the world and he takes advantage of his role as head of state of Argentina to continue doing so, compromising the country, neglecting his government functions and generating irreversible damage. "We will see them in several years," adds the diplomat.

The director of the Institute of Latin American Studies (Ideal) also emphasizes that both Milei and his chancellor, Diana Mondino, “by ideologizing foreign relations” commit “a conceptual error,” because “he may have his ideological conceptions, but he What he cannot do is that in the name of the head of State that he exercises, he rudely attacks brother countries, as he did with Brazil, Chile, holding a diplomatic altercation, straining relations so much that it has not yet been possible to regularize them; with China, when they were going to give us a swap loan that had already been approved and was withdrawn. It is a custom, because he tries to fulfill a mandate that he believes he has, with its messianic characteristics, he believes that it has been placed by a force from heaven and for an ideological reason he attacks everything that has nothing to do with savage capitalism. . He sees progressive governments, with some type of social concern, as his enemies that must be exterminated, as in the case of Spain. I insist, that will generate irreparable consequences for us in the future.”

Laborde remembers that from the beginning Milei rejected Argentina's entry into the Brics, which had already been approved, “something very serious, because we refused to enter a club where everyone wants to participate. It is commercially clear that it affects, because this entire climate of unjustified ideological irritation, which has nothing to do with the interests of the country, this is important to highlight, that it is not a problem that with these crazy actions what he defends are his ideological convictions, That brings many complications for investments. It is clear that with many countries the level of commercial exchange that existed will decrease,” he emphasizes.

The vituperations in the president's foreign policy

The cataract of vituperation by the president of Argentina, the far-right Javier Milei, against his counterparts, has not stopped, at least in the case of the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, whom he described as “incompetent” only on Thursday. , “liar” and “coward”, in an interview given to the newspaper La Nación.

On Sunday, without mentioning her, he had called Sánchez's wife, Begoña Gómez, "corrupt" to unleash this new diplomatic crisis. However, she had also previously had verbal clashes with other heads of state. During the election campaign, when a journalist asked her if she would meet with the president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva, she responded: “A big corrupt man, right?”

In that period, he referred to Chile's Gabriel Boric as an "impoverisher", and even hinted at a possible rupture of relations with China, stating that in that nation "people are not free, they cannot do what they want and if They do it, they are murdered”, proclaiming that “I am not going to do business with any communist”, despite the fact that that nation had approved a swap credit of 6.500 billion dollars, which was finally frozen.

He defined Gustavo Petro, from Colombia, as a “murderous communist” and “terrorist murderer” and Andrés López Obrador from Mexico, “ignorant.” Of course, he said that Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua are a “dictatorship.” There was no more left…

Pedro Sánchez, Spanish president

The critical situation that Argentines are going through

The former Argentine ambassador to Venezuela, Oscar Laborde, emphasizes that while the president of his country commits mistake after mistake abroad, "without dedicating himself to obtaining investments", the internal crisis worsens.

“The reproach is growing, because with the critical situation that Argentina is experiencing, its president is thinking more about his figure as the ideological standard-bearer of the extreme right.”

"While the conditions of poverty worsen, the conditions of marginality, unemployment, all the economic parameters are going wrong, of course that generates uncertainty, because Milei, in addition to being a person with aggravated psychological conditions, neglects the country and its tours do not get investments,” emphasizes the diplomat.

That, he maintains, “can only be stopped by the people with resistance in the streets, with mobilizations, with strikes like the two general ones that have already taken place; in Parliament, where he has not managed to get any law approved because the ones he has proposed are so cruel that he does not even achieve the complicity of his own allies. He can be stopped in the judicial sector, presenting cases against the performance of his functions and for violating the Constitution,” concludes Laborde.

Protests are daily.

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