The Pope announces that he will travel to Lebanon as soon as possible

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El Pope Francis announced that he will visit Lebanon "as soon as possible", in a letter addressed this Thursday to Lebanese of all confessions, on the occasion of Christmas.

"Dear sons and daughters of Lebanon, my pain is very great when I see the suffering and anguish that stifles the spirit of entrepreneurship and the dynamism of the Country of the Cedar," the pope wrote.

"I feel in the depths of my soul the seriousness of your losses, especially when I think of the many young people who are deprived of any hope of a better future," the pope said in the letter.

For Francis, the identity of Lebanon consists of "bringing to the whole world the perfume of respect, coexistence and pluralism, the identity of a people that does not abandon their homes and their heritage."

The pope launched a new call to the international community to help Lebanon "to stay out of conflicts and regional tensions" and "to get out of the serious crisis" that it is going through.



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