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Sheinbaum asks to open all electoral polls in response to opposition claims

Although the leftist won by more than 20 percentage points, she is willing to audit the entire process.

The elected president of Mexico, Claudia Sheinbaum, urged this Wednesday “that all the electoral packages that have to be opened be opened”, as the opposition has challenged, and defended that last Sunday's elections were clean elections with which her alliance obtained the triumph in the Executive, as well as the majority in Congress.

“We are sure of the result, and that there was, as everyone saw, a free, peaceful and democratic election,” said in a video on X the representative of the ruling National Regeneration Movement (Morena) and the Labor parties (PT ) and Green Ecologist of Mexico (PVEM).

“For this reason, we agree that all the electoral packages that have to be opened be opened. We asked for it like this in 2006, well now let all the packages be opened because we are sure of the result we obtained,” he added.

Sheinbaum mentioned the latest results from the National Electoral Institute (INE), which give her 59,3% of the vote, compared to 27,9% for the opposition Xóchitl Gálvez, from the Fuerza y ​​Corazón por México coalition, and 10,41 .XNUMX% for the third candidate, Jorge Álvarez Máynez, from the Citizen Movement (MC).

He added that the figures from the INE's Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP), with nearly 95% of the minutes captured, indicate that his 'Let's Keep Making History' coalition won with a "conclusive result" the majority in the Chambers of Deputies and senators.

Formation of new work team

The former head of Government of Mexico City (2018-2023) commented that these days she has been working on the formation of the team with which she will govern, of which she said she will be giving more details during the following weeks, as well as on her 2024 Government Plan -2030.

“We are also already reviewing the budgets of the public information that is available to be able to see exactly what we are going to do from October 1 to December 31 of this year and then in 2025,” said the next president.

Finally, Sheinbaum commented that when the district counts of the election conclude, he will announce a meeting with the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to begin the transition process.

"Of course, I listened to the 'mañanera' (López Obrador's daily conference), like many of us, who will invite me to a tour of different projects, which I appreciate and I am also very excited and waiting for this great moment," Sheinbaum said.

This morning in his daily conference, López Obrador called the opponents “hypocrites” who will challenge the results due to the alleged interference of organized crime and the State in favor of the official candidate.

Like Sheinbaum, the president supported the recount requested by the opposition, but recalled that in 2006, when he asked for “vote by vote, box by box” after losing by less than 0,6 percentage points against the PAN member Felipe Calderón, he They mocked his demands.

On Tuesday, the INE estimated that starting this Wednesday it will carry out a recount of votes, by law, as a way to guarantee the absence of irregularities in the largest election in Mexico, in at least 102.388 polling stations (voting centers). , that is, 60% of the 170.648 that were installed on June 2 for the elections.


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