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Recognition of the Palestinian State is already a global cry

With Norway, Spain and Ireland, the number of countries that recognize Palestine as a State rises to 143.

More and more countries are inclined to recognize the sovereignty of the Palestinian people. Thus, this Wednesday, Spain, Norway and Ireland announced that they will recognize Palestine as a sovereign State on May 28.

The majority of countries in the world – 143 – already recognize the Palestinian State. Additionally, earlier this month, 143 of the 193 members of the UN General Assembly voted in favor of a resolution recommending that the Security Council favorably reconsider Palestine's accession to the body as a member and give it more rights in the United Nations. .

Meanwhile, the US is Israel's greatest ally and the main world economy that does not recognize Palestine as a State. In Europe, the countries closest to Tel Aviv, which also supply it with weapons and do not recognize Palestinian sovereignty, are Germany, Italy, France and the United Kingdom. Canada, South Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand also do not recognize Palestine.

The recognition of Palestine is above all a political decision, writes L'Orient-Le Jour. According to the media, the recognition of the Palestinian State remains mainly symbolic, since it cannot, by itself, provide fair and equitable solutions to issues such as borders, security, the return of refugees, the status of Jerusalem, the access to water or economic relations.

Experts believe that as long as Palestine remains an occupied and fragmented territory, in the absence of pressure and sanctions against violations committed by Israel, even a mass recognition of the Palestinian state will have little effect on the daily lives of the population.

In this context, the Palestinian-American lawyer Zaha Hassan expressed to elDiario.es that the recognition of Palestine “is reaffirming international law, because it recognizes that Israel does not have any right over any territory beyond the border of June 5, 1967. ”.

According to The Guardian, “perhaps most significant is how the new recognitions point to the erosion of American 'ownership' of the Israel-Palestine peace process since the period of the Oslo talks and peace agreement” of the 90s. .


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