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Piedad Córdoba ratifies her support for the Petro government

He affirms that Petro's presidency comes at a crucial moment of Latin American integration

Colombian senator Piedad Córdoba ratified her support in a public letter to the elected president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, and Vice President Francia Márquez, two days after his inauguration.

I fought for 20 years as a liberal in Congress, now I'm back with the Historical Pact. President Petro and Vice President France, I am not standing aside, I am on your side. Let's go with everything! », Said the senator on her Twitter account, where she published a letter from her official account.

In the letter, Córdoba expresses her joy and support for the next mandate of Petro and Márquez after having fought for many years to consolidate the progressive left and the representation of minority and less favored sectors of Colombia, among which he named young students, women, Afro-descendants, artists, environmentalists, human rights defenders, migrants, among others.

"This government of the Historical Pact (Petro's political party) arrives with the hope of Complete Peace (...) My congratulations and best wishes to this government, which is for the first time that of all the people of Colombia," he said.

In addition, the senator stressed that Petro's mandate, whose inauguration will be held in Bogotá on August 7, comes at a time crucial for Latin American integration.

“This presidency arrives at a special time for Latin America and its regional integration. Once again I will be there supporting this historical responsibility (…) Our continent is expectant because it is taking a step forward towards the unity of the Great Homeland”, asserted the senator.

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