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Petro: what is coming for Colombia is a real change

The government of hope has arrived for Colombia, said the president-elect

The elected president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, stated this Sunday that what is coming for Colombia is a real change.

In a speech lasting more than 40 minutes, the president-elect, who is part of the leftist coalition Historical Pact together with Vice President Francia Márquez, was received in the city of Bogotá by his followers, among whom stood out social movements and indigenous groups that were present in the capital of that country.

"What is coming is a real change, we are not going to betray the electorate that has shouted that from today Colombia changes (...) It is not a change to take revenge, nor to build more hatred, to deepen the sectarianism of Colombian society", is to "welcome hope, the possibility of opening up a future."

"Change means opening opportunities for all Colombians in hope," he stressed.

He stressed that the change consists in leaving sectarianism behind, "we want Colombia in the midst of its diversity to be one Colombia, not two (...) The change consists in understanding each other," Petro said.

"The change means that opportunities are open for everyone, in hope, the government of the hope has arrived," reiterated the president-elect of Colombia.

He wants his government to build Colombia as "a world power of life" that consists of achieving peace, social justice and environmental justice.

“A government of life would not make sense if we do not lead Colombian society to peace, as a central objective. What does it mean to be able to make peace? It means that the 10 million or so voters of Rodolfo Hernández are welcome in this Government », he added and even invited his rival today to dialogue.

He cataloged as historical what is being written for Colombia, Latin America and the World. "What we are experiencing is history, a new history because undoubtedly what has happened today with these 11 million voters who brought us to this platform, is a change," she said.

"The elections more or less showed two Colombias, close in terms of votes" and he said that his government hopes that "Colombia, in the midst of its diversity, will be one Colombia," he said.

First steps

During his first speech as president-elect of Colombia, Gustavo Petro asked the Attorney General of the Nation to free our youth, free young people, referring to the social leaders imprisoned in the last few hours and during the social outbreak. "This is no longer the time for hate," he says.

Likewise, he asked the Attorney General to reinstate the popularly elected mayors, it is no longer the time for hatred.

It should be noted that on the platform, Petro gave the floor during his victory speech this Sunday to the mother of Dilan Cruz, a young man who was killed by the Police in Bogotá during the November 2019 protests.

"I raise my voice for my son because I demand justice," said Jenny Alejandra Medina, mother of Cruz, the 18-year-old who was the victim of a projectile fired by an agent of the Police's Mobile Anti-riot Squad (Esmad) during those protests and which became one of the symbols of police violence in Colombia.

The mother told Petro, who spoke with a portrait of the young man in the background: "In you is the hope of all of us, of justice, the hope of the poor, of the needy, of the rich, of the poor."


The newly elected president of Colombia stressed that the so-called Great National Agreement has to be built with a national dialogue. «What allows us to look at the conflict is its regional specificity. In those dialogues, that diversity should come.

In this sense, he invited all sectors of the country to a great national dialogue, while emphasizing that his government will be the government of peace. "The peace government means that Rodolfo's 10 million voters will be welcome, that those with other ideologies will be welcome to the Palacio de Nariño to dialogue."

He invited former candidate Rodolfo Hernández to join the dialogue process in Colombia. "Rodolfo Hernández can talk with us, it means that we forgive them, it means that the opposition we have will always be welcome to talk about Colombia's problems," Petro said.

On the other hand, Petro asked to establish a dialogue in the Americas. "We propose a dialogue without exclusions, in all the diversity that is America."

«Almost all the presidents of Latin America have called me. And now we can propose a dialogue in the Americas without excluding any people, any nation. The time has come to sit down with the United States government and talk, dialogue… », he reiterated.

“I propose to the Government of the United States and all the governments of the Americas that we sit down to dialogue to establish the steps of the energy transition, the steps of the construction of a decarbonized economy, the steps of the construction of an economy of life in all America," he said.


Gustavo Petro pointed out that Colombia will move from an extractivist economy to a productive economy that can make the country grow with jobs. "You can't redistribute without producing."

"We must produce in the countryside, in tourism, in industry, in knowledge (...) Produce respecting nature," he said.

For this, he urged to develop the popular economy that develops and comes out new forms of relationship of humanity from new technologies.

Climate Change

The president, elected this Sunday in Colombia, Gustavo Petro ratified his support for the fight against climate change.

Petro called the United States government to address the issue of the effects of greenhouse gas emissions that are produced in the US and affect all of America.

First Afro-descendant female vice president

For her part, the elected vice president, Francia Márquez, thanked all the people who collaborated to obtain this great victory in Colombia.

“After 200 years we achieved a government of the people. (…) The government of the nobodies and nobodies of Colombia (…) We are going for the dignity, reconciliation, peace and for the rights of all the Colombian people».

She highlighted being the first Afro-descendant woman as vice president of Colombia, while highlighting that as of this Sunday a new history began to be written in Colombia.

"This is for our grandmothers and grandfathers, women, young people, LGTBIQ+ people, indigenous people, peasants, workers, victims, my black people, those who resisted and those who are no longer... Throughout Colombia," express.

«This new page in the history of Colombia will be written by all of us. Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez will be leading the transformation of the country, but as I have always told you, without you we will not be able to move forward”, concluded Márquez.

“The great challenge that all Colombians have is reconciliation (…) In the midst of differences we can build a nation forward, a prosperous nation. Together we hope to build a country in peace, a country in dignity, a country with opportunities, with justice”, he said.

In the image, Francia Márquez, elected vice president of Colombia.

In context

The candidate for the coalition Historical Pact, Gustavo Petro, triumphs in the elections of the second presidential round in Colombia against Rodolfo Hernández after the pre-count published by the National Civil Service Registry, Telesur reports.

According to the preliminary results, with 99,74 percent of the polling stations informed, Gustavo Petro obtains 11.270.944 votes (50,49 percent), while Rodolfo Hernández reaches 10.549.290 votes (47,26 percent). .

At the same time, the blank vote reached 501.559 votes (2,24 percent) and the null option reached 271.511 votes (1,20 percent).

if it could

With cheers and joy the Colombian people took to the streets to celebrate the triumph of the Petro-Márquez key. ¡Si se puede!, Si se puede!, was one of the main slogans used in the festive atmosphere, while the participants made the «wave of change».

Representatives from the most diverse social, progressive and left-wing sectors of this country first waited at the headquarters of the National Registry for the results of the ballot offered by the National Registry and then concentrated in the so-called Movistar arena.

The president-elect shared the stage with his relatives, along with his father, some of his children present and his wife, he also thanked the Colombian people for their support and trust.

In the surroundings of the so-called Movistar Arena located in Bogotá, Colombians celebrated waving flags, to the rhythm of drums and sounding pits and vuvuzelas.

The Latin American Left also reacted this sunday, moved, by the election of the "revolutionary" Gustavo Petro, a former guerrilla of the April 19 Movement (M-19) and a 62-year-old economist, as new president of Colombia.

After obtaining 11.279.917 votes in the second round of elections against his rival, the independent populist Rodolfo Hernández, of the Anti-Corruption Governors League, who reached 10.576.617 votes, Petro, candidate of the Historical Pact coalition, today became the first leftist to win the Presidency of the Andean country.

With information from Carlos Sánchez and Odry Farnetano


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