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Petro: “What Hitler proposed is what is being applied in Gaza”

The Colombian president was decorated by Palestinian authorities for defending the rights of that people.

The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, assured this Monday that the extermination that the German dictator and líder of the Nazis Adolf Hitler, is what Israel now applies against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

“What Hitler proposed is what is being applied in Gaza, but as an experiment for the world. "This is how they want to dominate us," said the president in a speech from Bogotá, regarding a distinction that was imposed on him by the State of Palestine.

He also highlighted that “the majority of humanity”, those who “do not live under global economic power, in Europe, in Japan or in the US.” and who are not willing to remain under a state of balance of “absolute injustice”, they may be the next victims of the same actions that are now being carried out in Gaza.

Petro called to remember that there is currently an unfair world in which, for example, wealthy people have access to vaccines, but for the poor there are none or they simply arrive late.

It is a “state of injustice,” added the New Granada head of state, which is even observed in the daily development of “life itself.”

In the interest of specifying the scope of his words, he explained that it is about “what the philosopher [Michel] Foucault once called 'the biopolitics of power', which is how power can end life premeditatedly, in a generalized and massive way, as Hitler put it. This is what we are seeing today.”

Decorated by the Palestinian government

On behalf of the Palestinian Government, President Mahmoud Abbas awarded Petro the Great Necklace of the State of Palestine, for raising his voice in defense of the rights of his people.

“At a time when darkness has shown us some of its bitterest faces, where what is at stake is humanity itself, his voice in defense of the Palestinians has become the voice of hope and life itself.” said the presidential advisor for international affairs, Riad Malki, in charge of presenting the award, which is the most important in the Arab country.

In his speech, in addition to thanking on behalf of “his heroes, martyrs, ancestors, the elderly, children, widows, orphans” and his homeland, Malki quoted Petro's words: “You have already said it: if Palestine dies, it dies. The humanity".


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