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In the world there are 211 million infections by Covid-19

More than 211 million 759 thousand 90 infections by Covid-19 are recorded globally, according to the balance published this Monday by the international news agency AFP, after the compilation of the daily reports of the health authorities of each country.

These statistics reveal that 7.724 new deaths and 446.969 infections were registered in the world on Sunday. The countries that registered the most deaths according to the latest official balances are Indonesia with 842, Russia (776) and Vietnam (737).

Around the accumulated figure since the beginning of the pandemic, the United States reports the highest number of deaths, reaching 628.503 with 37.709.970 infections, followed by Brazil, with 574.527 deaths and 20.570.891 cases, India, with 434.756 deaths (32.449.306 cases), Mexico, with 253.155 deaths (3.225.073 cases) and Peru, with 197.879 deaths (2.142.153 cases).

Peru has the highest mortality rate, with 600 deaths per 100.000 inhabitants, followed by Hungary (311), Bosnia (296), the Czech Republic (284), North Macedonia (272) and Brazil (270).

Until 10:00 am this Monday, Latin America and the Caribbean had 1.421.977 deaths (42.668.413 infections), Europe 1.233.733 (61.798.277), Asia 754.136 (48.723.190), the United States and Canada 655.295 (39.178.027. 189.255), Africa 7.535.269 (174.813), Middle East 11.747.781 (1.637) and Oceania 108.141 (XNUMX).

This balance was compared with information from the World Health Organization (WHO), and does not include less severe or asymptomatic cases.

Due to corrections by the authorities or late release of the data, the increase in the 24-hour released figures may not exactly match the previous day's numbers.