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Heat wave in India reaches record of 52,3 degrees

India and Pakistan suffer extreme heat wave with recorded peaks of more than 50°C and authorities indicate that it may last until June

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) registered this Wednesday in New Delhi the record figure of 52,3 degrees, in the midst of an extreme heat wave that affects the north of the Asian country, while meteorological authorities predict that the heat wave will continue during the next month of June.

Likewise, Pakistan is suffering from abnormal heat waves, with recorded peaks of more than 50°C, in addition to a serious energy crisis and water shortage, reported Telesur.

The highest numbers were reported in the Mungeshpur area, on the outskirts of the Indian capital. While the states of Rajasthan and Haryana recorded maximum temperatures of more than 50 degrees this Tuesday.

Due to water scarcity in that region, authorities had to impose restrictions and deploy teams to control its use and supply.

This week, more than 37 cities recorded temperatures above 45°C and parts of the capital, New Delhi, recorded record temperatures of 49,9°C, the BBC notes.

The capital government gave the order to close schools due to high temperatures and the death of several people from heatstroke in Rajasthan.

On the other hand, in Pakistan, several regions have also suffered from high temperatures of more than 50 degrees that are close to historical maximums.

The energy crisis that the country is going through has aggravated the situation, preventing its inhabitants from combating the extreme heat.

Mehfooz Bhatti, an official from the Ministry of Energy, announced that the electricity deficit, common in Pakistan with the arrival of the heat, has exceeded 5.000 MW, causing electricity outages of several hours in many homes for much of the day.


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