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Evo Morales launches global campaign to "eliminate" NATO

El líder South American called for a large international mobilization against NATO and the US

The former president of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Evo Morales Ayma, announced an international campaign to dissolve the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which in his opinion poses a threat to the entire planet.

During an interview offered to Sputnik, Morales said that he is organizing an international movement, from the South American leftist organization Runasur, to end NATO.

“NATO is a danger to world peace, to security, so we are in the task of reaching agreements with social movements, not only in Latin America, but on all continents, to eliminate it. If nothing is done against NATO, it is going to become a permanent threat to humanity,” he warned.

He also said that the Atlantic organization, led by the US, launched new sanctions against Russia in recent weeks in rejection of the military operation ordered by President Vladimir Putin in eastern Ukraine.

He pointed out that the US exerts "pressure and threats" on Latin American presidents to condemn Russia for the conflict in Ukraine.

Morales affirmed that the presidents are aware of these US mandates, but since they belong to the "capitalist system" they have no choice but to "obey."

In days gone by, the líder South American requested a great international mobilization to curb the interventionist expansionism of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the United States government.

The former Bolivian president refers that NATO is the main enemy of humanity, which threatens life, peace and the economy due to its expansionist, interventionist and warmongering policy.