Evo Morales denounces threats against election observers in Bolivia

Former President Evo Morales denounced today the persecution of the de facto government of Bolivia against international observers who will participate during the general elections this Sunday to ensure their transparency.

"Before the gaze of the international community, the de facto government threatens, persecutes and violently prevents the entry of observers for Sunday's elections from various countries, whose presence is a guarantee of electoral transparency," Morales wrote on his Twitter account .

Police and immigration agents illegally detained Argentine deputy Federico Fagioli yesterday, who arrived as an observer in the Andean Amazonian nation and, according to the complaint, they disproportionately and irregularly used a general rule not applicable to the official without respecting internal procedures.

Fagioli's presence responds to an invitation from the president of the Senate, Eva Copa, as overseers of international accompaniment for the elections and upon arrival, they passed the Cochabamba airport without any problem, but when they arrived in La Paz they were arrested.

In another publication, the Aymara leader recalled that, despite the difficulties, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal "has the historical mission with the country of guaranteeing democratic, free and transparent elections to return to democracy with each of the Bolivians' votes." .

The arbitrariness of the events was also rejected by former Foreign Minister Diego Pary and on the same social network he denounced the violation of the Argentine delegation's human rights to the international community.

'We denounce before the international community the grave violation of human rights and international treaties. The Govt. Transitory exceeds actions against international observers and highlights the lack of transparency in the conduct of the presidential elections, 'Pary declared.

The deputy for the Movement Toward Socialism, Sonia Brito, highlighted 'the lack of constitutional guarantees for transparent elections with the presence of electoral observers @BoliviaOEA, @Oacnudh_BO, @OACNUDH, @CIDH, human rights organizations must speak out. We require @KarenLongaric certified receipt for Obs. International '.

Likewise, the former Minister of Health of Bolivia, Gabriela Montaño, rejected the actions of the police and immigration agents and demanded respect for the observation missions for the general elections. / Latin Press.

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