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UE breaks up with Astra Zeneca for breaching contract

The European Union (EU) did not renew its contract with Astra Zeneca, after taking legal action for breach of contract. In the UK it is still the main vaccine.

"We have not renewed the contract for after June, we'll see what happens afterwards," Thierry Breton, EU Commissioner for Internal Markets, told France Inter yesterday.

The day before, Brussels extended its contract with Pfizer-Biontech for 1.800.000.000 doses until 2023. In Spain, this Sunday the streets were filled with people as the six-month state of alarm decreed by the Government of that nation officially expired. they reported improvised parties in squares and beaches of various Iberian cities.

Meanwhile, the state of Sao Paulo, the most populous of the 27 in Brazil, exceeded 100.000 fatalities from coronavirus, accumulating almost a quarter of the fatality of that nation, which already exceeds 420.000 deaths.