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Defense of Jorge Glas will seek his freedom before international bodies

One of the organizations where the situation will be processed is the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

After the appeals chamber of the National Court of Justice of Ecuador determined that the detention of former Vice President Jorge Glas in the Mexican embassy in Quito was “legal,” his defense announced on Saturday that he will go to international bodies in search of his freedom.

The court's decision states that in Glas' detention “the rules determined by law were applied,” and that there was no evidence that the judges who had issued the orders “used causes and methods that could be considered incompatible with respect for human rights.” human rights".

Likewise, it reverses the first instance ruling two months ago, in which it was ruled that the arrest of the former vice president was “illegitimate and arbitrary,” but, even so, it ordered that he remain in prison to serve the pending sentence.

Glas' lawyer, Sonia Vera, stated that once “the ordinary national route has been exhausted,” they will go to the inter-American human rights system to present a contentious request for what she described as the “kidnapping” of the former vice president. With this appeal, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights must determine whether a violation of any right contemplated in the American Convention has been incurred.

Vera added that, at the same time, an “extraordinary protection action” will be presented in the national courts, although he admitted that this will take time. For the former judge of the National Court of Justice, Gonzalo Silva, this action in national courts is not appropriate and, if admitted, Glas' prison would not be suspended.

On April 5, the Ecuadorian National Police stormed the Mexican Embassy in Quito and detained Glas, whom the Mexican Government had granted diplomatic asylum a few hours before. The former vice president faces accusations of corruption and bribery. The operation caused both nations to break diplomatic relations and sue each other before the International Court of Justice (ICJ).


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