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Death toll from attacks in Dagestan reaches 20

There were coordinated attacks at different points in two cities

The number of fatalities as a result of the terrorist attacks carried out on Sunday in the Russian republic of Dagestan rose to 20 and the number of injured to 46, according to the local Ministry of Health.

The events occurred in the cities of Makhachkala and Derbent and in the town of Sergokala, when armed men simultaneously carried out attacks against an Orthodox church, two synagogues and a traffic police checkpoint.

In these events, a priest, the security guard of a church and at least fifteen police officers who were trying to arrest the attackers were murdered, five of the
who were killed.

Firstly, the target of the attacks, which occurred shortly after six in the afternoon – local time – was the Church of the Intercession, in historic Derbent, considered the oldest city in Russia, where the religious died. then the Kele-Numaz synagogue, devoured by fire and after which an intense shootout broke out. At the same time, terrorists fired on the Ascension Cathedral in Makhachkala, capital of Dagestan, a Russian republic, located in the North Caucasus.

El Kremlin, in a statement, ruled out a repeat of the terrorist wave that was unleashed in that region at the time, ensuring that "Russia is now different, society is consolidated."

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