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Citizen Revolution will be the greatest force in the Ecuadorian Congress

Correísmo reached close to 40% of the votes and almost doubled its closest competitor.

The Citizen Revolution (RC) movement will be the largest force elected this Sunday to form the new National Assembly of Ecuador, according to data shown today by the National Electoral Council (CNE).

According to the official results of the CNE, the RC reached 39,37 percent of the votes, followed by the Construye movement (20,66 percent), Acción Democrática Nacional (14,67 percent) and the Social Christian Party ( 11,83 percent).

We reached 57 assembly members who would make up the block of the RC in the unicameral Parliament, assured the candidate Pierina Correa, in statements for the Teleamazonas channel.

However, he maintained that not all votes have been closed yet, since now the process of identifying acts with some type of irregularity corresponds.

We have the gratifying news that we were able to enter provinces where we normally did not obtain good results, but at the same time in territories where we had had them, they have been lost, he added.

Regarding voting abroad, Correa assured that the candidates from the migrant constituency are requesting to repeat the elections because they suffered a strong violation of rights, he said.

On October 15, Ecuadorians will return to the polls to choose between Luisa González and Daniel Noboa in a ballot.

González, from the RC, advances to the second round with around 33 percent of the votes and thus becomes the first woman in the country to run for the presidency of the Republic on ballot.

The candidate of the movement led by former President Rafael Correa (2007-2017) seeks to return to the country the days when the nation had security and a stable economy, with health, education and social development.

For his part, Noboa, from the Acción Democrática Nacional alliance, and who in the first polls appeared at the tail of the preferences, unexpectedly reached second place in the contest and seeks to fulfill the dream of his father, Álvaro Noboa, five times unsuccessful presidential candidate.

The voting day of this Sunday concluded with 82,26 percent participation and passed without violent incidents, while 100 police and military personnel were deployed throughout the country.

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