Chaos, violence and death mark the end of the Trump era

Photo: AFP

This Wednesday the city of Washington was shaken by an unprecedented event in the contemporary history of the United States, when a group of followers summoned by the outgoing President Donald Trump, decided, arms in hand, to take the seat of the Congress of this nation, with the intended to boycott Joe Biden's victory confirmation process.

This action that overwhelmed the security forces of the US Capitol, arose shortly after Trump addressed that crowd to reiterate his complaint of "massive fraud" in the elections by the Democrats and asked his voters and supporters of the Republican Party "stand firm" in defense of what it claims was its "victory."

These acts of violence caused the destruction of some facilities at the headquarters of the US legislature, as shown in the graphs that showed how Trump supporters took part of the furniture, photos were taken sitting in offices such as that of the president of the Chamber of Commerce. representatives, Nancy Pelosi, or in the seat of the podium of the presidency of the Senate.

In the midst of this chaos caused by the Trumpist stampede, at least four people were killed, according to the mayor of Whasington DC, Muriel Bowser. One of the first victims was captured on video while bleeding inside the Capitol building as a result of being shot in the chest that caused death.

Incendiary speech

Shortly before this outpouring of violence and case, Trump appealed to his uncontrollable verb to demand that this confirmation process be boycotted by the two houses of the US Congress, addressing messages directly to his vice president Mike Pence and members of the Republican party Those who urged "to have courage" and "stand firm" in actions to prevent compliance with this protocol is the last step to seal the arrival of Joe Biden to the presidency.

The word "fraud" was the constant of what could be described as "tweet verbiage" of Trump, who, given the silence of his Republican co-supporters and the announcement of his vice president to respect the protocol act and comply with the act of confirmation, decided to undertake a campaign of insults and disqualifications that culminated in a message pointing to Pence as a coward. This last tweet was deleted by Twitter under the accusation of violating the rules of this social network.

After unleashing the violence that interrupted the session in both chambers and left dozens of images for posterity, the US president decided to broadcast a video on his Twitter account to call for calm, but at the same time, reiterate his complaint about the alleged fraud, so the social networks Twitter and Facebook, as well as YouTube, decided to censor it.

Faced with this action by the communications platforms, Trump's response was to issue a message on Twitter and Facebook where he justified these violent actions by his supporters.

“These are things and events that happen when a landslide electoral victory is so abruptly and vitiated from the great patriots who have been treated so unfairly and badly for so long. Go home and in peace. Remember this day forever! ”, Indicated the message now deleted by both social networks, which also reported the blocking of the Twitter account for 12 hours and Facebook for 24 hours.

Convictions and threats of removal

In the midst of the chaos raised by the North American President, voices of condemnation of these actions emerged, which they described as "unprecedented robbery" and "attempted coup" by Trump supporters.

Such was the case of President Joe Biden, who in messages posted on his Twitter account described the pro-Trump protesters as seditious, for which he asked the outgoing president to “put an end” to this spectacle.

Let me be very clear: the scenes of chaos in the Capitol do not represent who we are. What we are seeing is a small number of extremists dedicated to anarchy. This is not dissent, it is disorder. It borders on sedition and it must end. Now, ”he wrote in a first message.

"I call on President Trump to go on national television now to fulfill his oath and defend the Constitution by demanding an end to this siege," he wrote in a second message.

This condemnation and call from the president-elect was joined by the voice of the Democratic congresswoman from Minnesota, Ilhan Omar, who announced on his Twitter account that he was drafting the request for "Impeachment" (impeachment) against Donald Trump for what he described as an unconstitutional action.

At the same time, rumors arose about resignations within Trump's environment, as well as meetings to invoke a legal action to hand over the presidency temporarily to Vice President Pence and thus guarantee a peaceful transition towards the inauguration of Joe Biden.

Likewise, some local media pointed out that the members of the House Justice Committee urged Pence, through a communication, to invoke the 25th amendment to remove Trump, a proposal that wins supporters within both houses of Congress.

Pictures for history

All this history of political and social chaos, where violence and death prevailed, has been recorded by photojournalists and people who left for posterity images that today occupy the headlines of the world's major media and overflow social networks.

Many show the violence experienced, others the reigning madness and some expose the prevalence of the Marvel mentality that prevails in American society, as evidenced by the arrival of "Batman" to take over the Capitol, who is welcomed between applause.

Who is the invading buffalo?

Entering the invaders to the US Capitol was a person who, wearing a buffalo hide with horns, walked through the facilities and issued statements to the media present where he expressed his support for outgoing President Donald Trump whom he considers his "father."

His name is Jake Angeli and he calls himself on social media as Q-Shaman. This 32-year-old is a defender of Trump and the American far-right theory "QAnon" that raises a supposed secret plot organized by a "deep state" against Donald Trump and his followers.

This far-right has been seen in multiple concentrations in support of Trump, for which he has won the sympathy of the tycoon who has said he does not know him, but I do praise his actions and those of the QAnon group.

Angeli did not waste her mediated appearance to, emulating her idol, attack Venezuela and amid the excitement of the violent day to say: “People of Venezuela, you can also recover your country, we are giving an example by restoring the president (Trump), You can regain your country, end communism and globalism, you can recover it from evil, you can have your country back Venezuela ”.

Confirmation of Trump's end

Despite this bloody chaos and after the imposition of a curfew in the state of Columbia that resulted in the deployment of the National Guard around the Capitol, Congress managed to meet and after rejecting the objection of the votes of Arizona presented by a Republican fraction led by Ted Cruz, the confirmation of Biden's victory was formalized, thus complying with this protocol step that the outgoing president and his followers turned into a scene of chaos, violence and death, an image that will be framed as the portrait the end of the Trump era.