Biden to announce measures against gun violence in the US

In 1994, when he was a senator, Biden supported a ban on assault weapons

US President Joe Biden will unveil measures on Thursday aimed at curbing rampant gun violence in the country, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said.

The government has not given details of what Biden will announce, but the Politico website reported earlier that it will issue executive actions to restrict certain types of gun sales.

In particular, Biden is expected to target so-called "ghost guns," meaning homemade guns that can't be traced because they don't have serial numbers.

Biden is expected to be joined by Attorney General Merrick Garland in the announcement.

Biden has long vowed a heavy hand against America's gun culture, which he says fuels an epidemic of mass shootings, as well as the daily flow of gun crimes and suicides, even more deadly but less reported.

The president has come under pressure from Democrats to act after the recent shootings in Colorado, Georgia and California.

Biden advocates stricter background checks on firearms buyers and a ban on military-type rifles called assault weapons.

In 1994, as a senator, Biden supported a ban on assault weapons. The law expired a decade later and has never been renewed, with Republicans increasingly rigid in their opposition to what they describe as an attack on the constitutional right to bear arms. / AFP



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