Before and after images show magnitude of floods in Germany

In order to fulfill the laudable mission of providing accurate and timely information, images broadcast by the German-born Latin American television channel DW Español are shown, showing the magnitude of the damage caused by the floods in Germany.

First, you can see the town of Altenahr, in the valley of the river Ahr, after the torrential rains will cause the overflow of Ahr, flooding the surrounding streets and villages.

Aerial photographs of Altenahr, which is located in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, south of the former West German federal capital, Bonn (in North Rhine-Westphalia) show the astonishing extent of the floods.

Also, photos are provided before the floods swept through the valley in the early hours of July 15, Altenahr was an idyllic town located along a river.

Later, along the Ahr, the town of Dernau now shows the serious damage caused by overflows and floods.

Before the floods, the German municipality located in the district of Ahrweiler, in the federal state of Rhineland Palatinate, Dernau breathed airs of tranquility in the middle of steep vineyards.

Bad Münstereifel, a town in the Eifel region, southwest of Cologne, was also washed away by floods. The picturesque pedestrian zone in the center, lined with half-timbered houses, is regularly visited by many people from the surrounding region to shop and share inside the coffee shops.

Now, it is possible to observe the damages of the floods before destroyed streets and the affectation of the Iconic buildings of Germany that constitute an artistic legacy before its historical architecture.



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