At least 17 dead and 800 injured during protests in Colombia

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After the long day of intense protests in Colombia and the questioned repressive actions of the security forces, it is estimated that at least 17 people died and more than 800 were injured, according to the authorities' report.

According to a balance of the Ombudsman, 16 civilians and a policeman died in the demonstrations that began on April 28 throughout the country. The Defense Ministry in turn counted 846 injured people, of which 306 are civilians.

Pressured by the demonstrations in the streets, President Duque on Sunday ordered the withdrawal of the proposal that was debated with skepticism in Congress, where a broad sector rejected it for punishing the middle class and poor who suffer the consequences of the crisis facing the New Granada country that has been exacerbated by the pandemic.

Despite the announcement, on Monday morning there were already people on the streets and roadblocks in Bogotá.

In an effort to justify the actions of the armed forces and the militarization of the country, Defense Minister Diego Molano assured that the acts of violence are "premeditated, organized and financed by dissident FARC groups."



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