Antiquarantines violate restrictions in Argentina

(210417) - BUENOS AIRES, April 17, 2021 (Xinhua) - People participate in a protest against the new restrictions established by the Government on the movement of people and on gastronomic and educational activities that seek to reduce cases of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in the Plaza de la República in front of the Obelisco, in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, on April 17, 2021. (Xinhua / MartÌn Zabala) (mz) ( jg) (ra) (da)

Demonstrators who gathered earlier in the Obelisco, Plaza de Mayo and Quinta de Olivos challenged the limitations on circulation set by the national government and continued their protest beyond 20:XNUMX p.m. Without masks and arrogance, they confronted the police officers who questioned their actions. 

The protesters focused their claims on the 15-day suspension of face-to-face classes in schools, ordered by decree and which will govern from Monday in the capital and its periphery, the epicenter of contagion.

"Boys have to be at school, not behind a computer," Florencia, a 39-year-old protester, complained to AFP, while for university professor María Luján Calcaño (62) the measure represents that children " deny them the essential right to educate them.

"Wake up, no virus," read a protester's poster. Some burned masks in protest, although the majority wore them for protection while almost no one kept their distance to avoid contagion.

The new restrictions apply to Buenos Aires and its periphery (AMBA), where 15 million of the 45 million inhabitants of the country live. There the occupation in intensive therapies reached 74,3% this Saturday, while at the national level it was located at 64,8%.

To contain the exponential increase in cases, the president ordered that from Friday until April 30, circulation be restricted between 20:00 p.m. and 06:00 a.m. local time and recreational and sports activities be limited in closed premises in the AMBA.

The measure had "high compliance," said the president on Saturday.

«The vast majority of people perceive the scale of the problem. It warns that it is exposed being in places where there are a lot of crowds of people, "he said.

The Mayor's Office of the Federal Capital, governed by the right-wing opposition, presented a judicial protection - pending resolution - to resist the suspension of face-to-face classes.

"It does not seem reasonable to me to judicialize health policy decisions in the midst of a pandemic," Fernández said in this regard.

Argentina reported 19.119 new cases and 80 deaths this Saturday, which raised the general balance to 2.677.747 cases and 59.164 deaths.

Until this Saturday, more than 6,2 million people have been vaccinated, 794.878 with the second dose.




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