They will announce new steps of social protest in Colombia

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The National Unemployment Committee will announce new steps of the mobilizations today, after they made known to an international organization the causes of the protest and the government's action against the claims, indicates Prensa Latina.

Among many others, they exposed through a report, the need to comply with the Peace Agreement, which, although it is a state obligation, is not fully implemented by the Duque government.

Among the points in the Agreement there are aspects related to the creation of mechanisms that make it possible to stop the systematic murder of social leaders, human rights defenders and ex-combatants in the process of reincorporation, the text indicates.

Another claim to the Duque administration is that it address the national emergency document built in the context of the covid-19 pandemic.

Said statement contains concrete measures to guarantee that Colombians can be treated comprehensively, in a timely manner and with dignity in the face of the various health complications derived from this disease.

The representatives of the Committee propose for this, a basic income for millions of families that cannot face the pandemic with dignity and rights, measures that stop the violence based on gender exponentially increased in the current context.

They also ask for free higher education so that millions of young people are not forced to drop out of the educational system, which would further deepen inequality in the country.

In addition, they demand urgent measures to protect national production not only as a central element to preserve employment but also to guarantee the supply of food and basic necessities.

They denounce that, in the midst of the greatest and most visible police brutality in the context of the strike, the government is indolent with the systematic violation of human rights committed directly by police officers and their accomplice with groups of armed civilians.

The National Unemployment Committee was constituted in 2019 and is made up of trade union, indigenous, peasant, environmental, student, women, educators, human rights organizations, cooperatives, pensioners, fishermen, miners, coca growers, art and culture, recyclers, among others

After almost a year of presenting the emergency document (on June 20, 2020), and of not obtaining a response or disposition to discuss it, and before the regressive bills of health reform and tax reform, the Committee he called again a national strike on April 28.

The collective emphasizes that unemployment is a consequence of the social crisis and not the origin of the crisis as presented by the Government.

The nearly 13 thousand mobilizations in 800 of the 100 municipalities of Colombia reflect the seriousness and urgency of the situation, the report emphasizes.



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