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Amnesty International: Ukraine Army Endangers Civilians

Calls on the Ukrainian army to respect international humanitarian law

Amnesty International affirmed this Thursday that the Ukrainian army endangers civilians in their territory, agencies report.

Indicated that the tactics of the Ukrainian army, of establishing military bases in schools and hospitals, and launching attacks from populated areas to stop the russian military operationviolate international humanitarian law, points out EFE.

This is emphasized by Agnès Callamard, secretary general of AI, who on her twitter account called on the Ukrainian forces to move away from populated areas or evacuate civilians.

“Ukrainian combat tactics endanger civilians. The authorities must immediately move their forces away from populated areas or evacuate civilians from places where the armed forces operate," she posted.

Residential areas

Likewise, Amnesty International reports that “Ukrainian troops launched attacks and were deployed in residential areas in a total of 19 cities and towns in the provinces of Kharkov, Nikolayev, as well as in Donbass territories that are currently under control of kyiv.

In this sense, he questions that the troops were deployed in those areas, despite the fact that there were "viable alternatives, such as military bases or wooded areas or other more remote structures, which would not endanger civilians." 

She stresses that "being in a defensive position does not exempt the Ukrainian Army from respecting international humanitarian law."

Hospitals and schools

From the organization they point out that setting up combat posts in hospitals and schools and deploying weapons systems in residential areas turns these places into military targets, which causes civilian deaths and damages to infrastructure.

According to the entity, this tactic "violates international humanitarian law."

They did not warn or evacuate civilians

Refers RT, that the NGO is not aware that in the documented cases the kyiv soldiers asked the civilians to evacuate the neighboring buildings or if they helped them to do so, that is, "they did not take all possible precautions" to protect the unarmed.


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