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AMLO confronts Biden: “You can't close the border”

The Mexican president responded indignantly to the American's proposal.

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, dismissed this Thursday the impact that the new immigration measures announced by his American colleague, Joe Biden, may have.

“You cannot close the border, it is not possible, it is not convenient for either country or our people,” the president explained during his usual press conference.

“The economic, commercial, and social integration that exists on the border is quite great. Imagine closing the economy on the border where California is […] or Texas […] and Mexico, which is among the top 10 economies in the world,” he insisted.

Last Tuesday, Biden promulgated a decree that indefinitely suspended the entry into that country of immigrants who illegally cross the southern border.

When questioned about this decision, which has generated controversy in both countries, López Obrador clarified that the eventual closure of the border is only for illegal migration, not for Mexicans who usually go and return from that country on the same day with special permits and much less for bilateral trade.

López Obrador attributed Biden's announcements to the campaign ahead of the presidential elections that will be held on November 5.

“Campaigns are one thing and the Government is another,” he stated, giving as an example Donald Trump, who as a candidate launched multiple and controversial statements against Mexico, but once he was president, he signed the North American Free Trade Agreement that It included Canada and maintained a cordial relationship with López Obrador.


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