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Western pressure alerted to countries to take a stand against Russia

He urged Western countries to respect all nations and position, in a democratic manner.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov warned on Tuesday about the pressure that the West is exerting on different countries to take a stance against Moscow.

The statements were made at a press conference, after finishing a meeting with the main diplomat of the Kingdom of Eswatini, Thulisile Dladla.

"It doesn't surprise me that wherever it goes, our Western colleagues try to issue some warnings and get the host country to behave in a way that would be desirable to Americans. We highly appreciate and respect the position of all our partners, who in such situations are not guided by the orders of the former colonial powers and those who want to dominate the world now, but are guided by legitimate national interests. Many of them do not hesitate to talk about it openly," he said, quoted by the TASS agency.

In this regard, he urged Western countries to respect all nations and their position, in a democratic manner.

The Russian foreign minister also pointed out that these threats against other nations are due to the West's fear of losing the hegemony it had exercised in recent decades.

Centers like "China, India, Turkey, Egypt, the African continent <...> Latin America" ​​cannot be ignored and dictated how they should develop; she stressed.

Recently, the russian diplomato He warned that the US has not only intimidated African nations, but also Asian and Latin American countries, to confront Moscow.

This – he indicated – to establish his own hegemony.

Brics and NATO

The Russian diplomat also pointed out the differences between the BRICS - made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa - of NATO, and asserted that, with respect to the first; it does not work under the principle of "master-slave" and everything is taken on the basis of consensus and in respect for the sovereignty of nations.

“BRICS is a new type of partnership in the sense that it is not based on the 'master-slave' principle. It is not a structure in which command is given and everyone accepts it, as we are seeing now in NATO," Lavrov said, quoted by Sputnik.

With respect to consensus, he explained that if any BRIC member has problems with a proposal, this proposal is not accepted and solutions are sought that are accepted by the entire bloc.

Similarly, he referred to the proposal presented by Argentina and Brazil to create a common currency for the Latin American continent.

In this regard, he pointed out that, from the BRICS, ideas also emerged to create a common currency.

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