Uribe calls for lethal force be used against protesters

Photo: EFE

After former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe on Twitter called for the use of lethal force against protesters who repudiate the tax reform that the Government of the President of that country, Iván Duque, intends to carry out, a massive protest was registered on the virtual platform demanding that the account of the former president will be blocked in that network.

Uribe called for "support the right of soldiers and police to use their weapons," just as the nation of New Granada has been registering clashes between protesters who reject the reform and the police and the Army since Wednesday, with the death of two civilians.

However, Twitter erases ex-president Álvaro Uribe's trill about the use of weapons by the public force. The social network says that the ex-president violated the policy of "glorification of violence."

Uribe was recently separated from his parliamentary position to face a case of bribery of witnesses and procedural fraud during another process that was followed for his authorship in multiple massacres during his tenure as mayor, governor and president of the Republic.

The deaths were in Cali, capital of Valle del Cauca, and Neiva, Huila, along with dozens of arrests, which intensified protests in 600 municipalities, especially in Bogotá.

Today was the third day in which Colombians took to the streets repudiating the reform that would force at least 3.000.000 workers to declare an income from which they are exempt due to their low income and half would have to pay taxes. The reform would increase the VAT tax on basic goods and public services. For today protests are planned regarding International Worker's Day and another strike was called on May 19.

President Duque said that he will not reverse the so-called Sustainable Solidarity Law that aims to collect 25 billion pesos (about $ 6.850.000.000,00) from workers to "strengthen the State's finances" weakened by the coronavirus pandemic.

The hashtag #TwitterSuspendaCuentaUribe went viral and became the first trend in the country and citizens joined senators, mayors, political figures, and even the media.

New text

Iván Duque assures that "a new text of the tax reform will be built" and announced that there will be no increase in VAT on goods and services, nor will the income statement base be expanded.

“Within the legislative process of the text, neither increases nor tariffs for goods and services related to VAT are included, nor are the rules of the game in force with that tax altered. And the second, that it is also absolutely clear, that the taxpayer base of the income tax will not be expanded, in such a way that whoever does not pay that tax today will not pay it, "he said in the media.

Duque Márquez also pointed out that he has instructed the Minister of Finance, Alberto Carrasquilla, for the new text to be agreed with the congressional benches, unions and think tanks.



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