The US and Mexico report more deaths from covid-19 in the last hours

States and Mexico report the highest number of deaths from covid-19 in the world, as reflected in the balance published this Wednesday by the international news agency AFP.

The United States reported 2.392 fatalities on Tuesday, followed by Mexico with 1.047 deaths and Russia (792), after accounting for 10.589 new deaths and 565.055 infections in the world in the last 24 hours.

In this sense, the total number of deaths globally since the beginning of the pandemic reached 4 million 646 thousand 416, while the accumulated number of infections exceeds 225 million 728 thousand 950 people.

In this regard, the general number of deaths in the United States amounts to 663.936 with 41.365.255 infections, followed by Brazil, with 587.797 deaths and 21.019.830 cases, India, with 443.497 deaths (33.316.755 cases), Mexico, with 269.016 deaths (3.528.972 cases), and Peru, with 198.840 deaths (2.162.294 cases).

Peru had the highest mortality rate, reporting 603 deaths per 100.000 inhabitants, followed by Hungary (312), Bosnia (308), North Macedonia (303), Montenegro (289) and the Czech Republic (284).

Meanwhile, the number of deaths from coronavirus reached 1.465.171 deaths in Latin America and the Caribbean (44.048.239 infections), Europe 1.278.544 fatalities (65.349.316 infected), Asia 814.181 (52.270.832), United States United States and Canada 691.188 (42.917.699), Africa 203.938 (8.086.052), Middle East 191.508 (12.906.829), and Oceania 1.886 (149.991).

The international news agency AFP emphasized that the data have been provided by the health authorities of each country and subsequently collated with information from the World Health Organization (WHO), highlighting that this balance does not include less severe or asymptomatic cases.



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