US women protest in rejection of Trump policies

Photo: EFE

The organization Marcha de las Mujeres (Womens March) stars this Saturday, October 17, in a protest in the streets of several cities in the United States (USA) to express its rejection of the policies issued by President Donald Trump.

In its mobilization call activity, the March delivered the following message: "We need a huge and powerful mobilization to help energize the nation and inspire millions to come forward to vote, and you can help make that happen."

“We saw the power when millions of us rallied on the streets the day after Trump took office. We need to bring that same power and determination to October 17 to culminate Trump's presidency as it began, with a massive resistance led by women, ”adds the message posted on the organization's website.

According to its organizers, the protest has the main objective of calling on Americans not to vote for the Republican candidate, Donald Trump. The mobilization takes place in the context of the electoral campaign for the presidential elections on November 3.

Likewise, the march coincides with the hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee of Trump's bet on the Supreme Court, Judge Amy Coney Barrett. She aspires to occupy the vacant seat in that body after the death of Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The convocation specified: “No matter where you are, march with us to change our future. There are more than 425 socially distanced face-to-face and virtual marches ”.

Social networks reflect this Saturday the mobilizations in Brooklyn (New York). Similarly, in Washington DC; protesters march to the Supreme Court from Freedom Plaza. Other reports are received from Virginia, Ocala and Fort Lauderdale (Florida), Phoenix (Arizona), Los Angeles and Sacramento (California), among others.

The Women's March, on its Twitter account states: “We want to recover our lives from this administration. And we want a completely different future: a story in which we are all written. We are not afraid, we are mobilized, organized and, above all, we are motivated ”. 

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