UN Security Council calls for ceasefire in Ethiopia

This Friday, the United Nations Security Council expressed its great concern about the expansion of the armed conflict in northern Ethiopia, as stated by the organization through an official statement.

The institution called on the parties to agree and try to resolve the conflict without the need for violence, they indicated that African countries should put an end to hostilities and negotiate a lasting ceasefire, since in their opinion this it damages the stability and humanitarian situation in the region.

Likewise, the highest UN peacekeeping body stated that it plans to hold a meeting next week to analyze the situation in Ethiopia.

Meanwhile, the 15 members agreed to urge the parties to the conflict in the African country to "curb inflammatory messages of hatred and incitement to violence and division."

During the night of this Friday, nine Ethiopian rebel groups, including those from Tigray that threaten the capital, Addis Ababa, announced the creation of an alliance against the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, in the midst of the escalation of the conflict.

/ Agencies



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