UN experts express concern over climate of tension in the US

The assault on the capitol was singled out by Pelosi as an insurrection promoted by Trump

A group of independent experts from the United Nations (UN) expressed great concern about the situation in the United States, after the violent disturbances in the Capitol, while a climate of tension prevails in Washington this Tuesday, reports Prensa Latina.

A total of 23 special rapporteurs, members of working groups of the multilateral organization and also volunteers who are not official United Nations personnel, condemned the attack on the US Congress on January 6.

They consider that action to be a shocking and incendiary attempt to annul the results of the presidential election of November 3, 2020, in which Democratic politician Joe Biden was the winner.

In this sense, the UN experts asked that those responsible for that aggression and those who incited the violence be held accountable to justice.

They also called on the political leaders of the United States to reduce tensions and create unity in the country, and rejected incitement to violence and hatred both online and outside the network of networks.

In their statement, the UN experts advocated a renewed commitment to peaceful pluralism, the rule of law and democratic governance.

After the attack on the Capitol and fears of more violence before the inauguration of the president-elect, this Wednesday, the 20th, there is a marked military deployment in Washington DC, as well as in many of the government buildings in the 50 capitals of the states of the northern nation, for fear of repeated violent attacks during the inauguration, reports the UN news site.

Meanwhile, the outgoing president, Donald Trump, is now facing his second impeachment trial, this time under the responsibility of inciting the riots in the Capitol, which left five dead.

In addition, several of the main social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, decided to close or limit the accounts owned or controlled by Trump, in order to prevent the spread of his messages.