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UN: Israel is on the list of countries that violate the rights of children in conflict

The so-called "list of shame" includes cases of children murdered, mutilated, recruited, kidnapped and victims of sexual violence

The United Nations (UN) notified Israel this Friday of its inclusion on the list of countries that violate the rights of children in armed conflicts, reported the spokesperson for the General Secretariat, Stéphane Dujarric, according to agencies.

This list, which includes Israel for the first time, is attached to the annual report prepared by the office of the Secretary General, António Guterres, on the situation of children in contexts of war and must be presented to the Security Council next Friday, the spokesperson explained. .

The report identifies in an annex those responsible for these violations, the so-called “list of shame”, which includes cases of murdered and mutilated children, recruitment, kidnapping or sexual violence. Also included are cases of attacks on schools and hospitals or restrictions on access to humanitarian aid, according to the British The Guardian.

"The list attached to the report has the general objective of naming and shaming parties to conflicts in the hope of deterring violence against children," adds the cited media.

Israel's ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, reacted angrily, stating that "Hamas will now continue to use even more schools and hospitals" to attack the Jewish state and that this will "prolong the war and suffering."

“Our Army is the most exemplary in the world, the one who enters the 'black list' is the Secretary General (António Guterres), who promotes terrorism and hatred of Israel. "The Secretary General should be ashamed of himself!" reads the text that accompanies the post.

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