US condemns ruling allowing presidential re-election in El Salvador

The US authorities condemned the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice of El Salvador, which allowed the president of that country to run for a second consecutive term, according to a statement made this Sunday by the US State Department, cited by Tass.

“The United States Government condemns the September 3 ruling of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of El Salvador, which allowed the immediate reelection of the president in violation of the Constitution of El Salvador. The Constitution of El Salvador explicitly prohibits the incumbent president from being reelected for a second consecutive term, "the document reads. According to the statement, the judicial body of that country previously included people "loyal to the president" to Nayib Bukele.

"This departure from democratic governance damages the relationship that the US is trying to maintain with the Salvadoran leadership and further erodes El Salvador's reputation as a democratic and trustworthy partner in the region," the State Department said. "The US asks President Bukele to demonstrate his declared commitment to democratic principles of leadership, including the separation of powers and the rule of law," said this body.

Bukele, who won the elections on February 3, 2019, assumed the presidency on June 1 of that year. Born in 1981, the politician became the youngest head of state in El Salvador's recent history.



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