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Coup attempt thwarted in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Military authorities confirm that the situation is under control and the “assailants” have been subdued.

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, an “attempted military coup” perpetrated this Sunday near the Palace of the Nation, one of the president's offices in the capital, Kinshasa, has been thwarted, announced Army spokesman Sylvain Ekenge.

“The Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo have subdued all the assailants, the situation is under control and we call on the population to continue their activities freely,” he declared. According to him, the coup attempt was carried out by Congolese and foreigners. All of them were “knocked out, including his líder".

Christian Malanga, founder of the United Congolese Party and former military man, who lives in the United States, broadcast a live broadcast on his social networks, in which he appears with a dozen armed men dressed in military uniforms and carrying AK-47 rifles. to break into the Palace of the Nation. The group waves flags of Zaire, the country's former name, declaring that they wanted regime change and declaring “Félix, out,” in reference to President Félix Tshisekedi.

It is reported that the assailants planned to attack the Pullman hotel, where the president was scheduled to arrive. Likewise, an attack was carried out against the residence of Vital Kamerhe, a federal legislator and candidate for president of the National Assembly of the Congo. His spokesperson, Michel Moto Muhima, reported that, as a result of the attack by a group of armed men dressed in military uniform, two police officers guarding the residence and one of the assailants lost their lives.

The spokesperson stressed that Kamerhe and his family are safe, and that their security has been reinforced.

Images of the alleged arrests of those involved circulate on social networks; However, the authenticity of these images has not yet been confirmed.


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