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They repudiate Piñera's maneuver to give up lithium

Several Chilean sectors repudiated the decision of the outgoing president of that southern nation, Sebastián Piñera, who, two months after the end of his controversial mandate, is putting out to tender for 29 years the exploitation of 400 thousand tons of lithium to national and foreign private companies, and that is why called for demonstrations in the streets to repudiate the maneuver.

The government team of the president-elect of Chile, Gabriel Boric, requested to postpone the process that he envisions for next January 14, through the Ministry of Energy and Mining, in the voice of its head Juan Carlos Jobet, to communicate which are the companies that they were awarded the tender.

While some detractors of the measure denounced that the contest privileges private companies to the detriment of the State, other sectors warned that communities, some indigenous, who inhabit the sectors where mining will take place are endangered.

Opposition deputies presented a protection appeal and two bills to stop the bidding, they repudiated that an outgoing government negotiate and cede the rights of a "strategic" natural resource and point out a lack of transparency. Chile has 44% of the world's lithium reserves.