Two massacres reported in Colombia in the last 24 hours

In 2021 there have already been three massacres in the country. In that same period, five children have died violently. Photo: EFE

Barely 12 days have passed in 2021 and the violence in Colombia has already caused three massacres, two of which occurred in the last 72 hours, Telesur reports.

It is, on the one hand, an armed attack inside a cockpit located on the Florencia - Morelia road, Caquetá department, which left three people dead and at least six wounded.

According to the first information, two armed men would have arrived at the place, who fired indiscriminately against all the assistants of the place. The fatalities turned out to be young people with no criminal record.

On the other hand, a similar massacre occurred this Tuesday in Cali, Valle del Cauca department. According to the authorities, it was an armed dispute for territorial control between irregular armed groups, which cost the lives of three people.

The fatal victims were allegedly shot by three armed men in broad daylight. Among the deceased is a woman hit by a stray bullet while she was tending her trading post. Another person was injured in the act.

Meanwhile, Colombian authorities have reported the murder of at least five minors during 2021. This statistic adds to the more than 24.000 investigations by victims against minors opened in 2021, which include more than 60 cases of death.

Colombia experienced an upward spiral of violence during the past year that, by all accounts, remains in force in 2021. The authorities have not been successful in providing a solution to this scourge, which is the result of their total inaction, according to defenders of human rights and institutions, such as the Institute of Studies for Development and Peace (Indepaz).