Death of 10 guerrillas and a soldier in clashes in Colombia


At least 10 guerrillas from the dissidents of the former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and a military man died today during armed confrontations in a rural area of ​​the Colombian department of Cauca (southwest), reported the Army Commander, General Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro, reports Xinhua.

«Units of @ Ejercito_Div3 report combats in El Plataado, Algeria, #Cauca. Ten members of the GAO-r (Organized Armed Group) Carlos Patiño were neutralized. #Denunciation: in fact, people moved the bodies, interfering in the urgent actions of the competent authorities, "General Zapateiro wrote on his Twitter account.

He added that the uniformed man killed in those combats was identified as Corporal Diego Ricardo Gómez, assigned to the Army's Third Division based in the neighboring city of Cali.

"The troops, seeking to protect the community, were attacked through the indiscriminate use of explosive devices, which resulted in the murder of one of our NCOs, seven soldiers wounded and / or bruised, and an aircraft of the @ FuerzaAéreaCol affected" added.

In the southwest of Coolombia, the dissidents of the extinct FARC guerrillas, the guerrillas of the National Liberation Army and right-wing groups that dispute drug trafficking routes operate.



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