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The delayed trial against Álvaro Uribe Vélez begins in Colombia

This Friday, the Prosecutor's Office added the crime of bribery to the document on the crimes against the former Colombian president.

The Colombian Prosecutor's Office added this Friday the crime of bribery to the document on the crimes against former President Álvaro Uribe, during the virtual hearing before the 44th Criminal Court of Bogotá, for his alleged responsibility in the crimes of procedural fraud and bribery of witnesses.

It is expected that during this day, the Public Ministry will proceed to read the formal accusation against the former president, after five failed attempts by different prosecutors to file the case.

Uribe assured this Friday, before the trial against him for alleged bribery of witnesses and procedural fraud begins, that his political antagonists became his “judicial accusers,” in reference to the leftist senator Iván Cepeda, counterpart of the process.

“My political antagonists have managed to become my judicial accusers, some of them close to the FARC and others direct or indirect collaborators, covered by the captivating word peace, used to prolong terrorism through the indulgence of absolute impunity,” said Uribe. in a statement at his home in Rionegro, in the department of Antioquia (northwest).

The victims of the case consider that Uribe, through the lawyer Diego Cadena, sought in prisons to bribe witnesses, such as the former paramilitary Juan Guillermo Monsalve, so that they would not testify against the former president and his possible links with the paramilitarism, in a dispute that maintained with Cepeda.

In this regard, Uribe added: “Hours before starting this trial, I repeat before my compatriots, whom I have never deceived, that I never took the initiative to look for a witness. In the inalienable right to defend my honor, I asked to verify multiple information about offers of benefits to inmates so that they could accuse me.”

An old debt with justice

This case dates back to 2012 when Uribe sued Cepeda for alleged witness manipulation, who at that time was preparing a complaint in Congress against him for alleged links to paramilitarism.

However, the Supreme Court of Justice decided not to open an investigation against the congressman and, instead, initiated a process against the former president for alleged witness manipulation for the alleged payment of bribes to several prisoners to make them speak in his favor.

Uribe resigned from his senatorial seat in August 2020 to stop being qualified and for his case to go to the ordinary courts and then the Prosecutor's Office decided that there was no evidence to pursue him judicially.

For this reason, he requested the preclusion of the case on two occasions, which was denied both by the first instance courts presented and by the Superior Court of Bogotá.

However, the first prosecutor delegated to the Supreme Court of Justice, Gilberto Villarreal, took on the case on January 16 and on April 9 stated that based on the physical evidence and probative elements he determined that there were reasons to accuse Uribe. which were the conclusions of the judges when denying the estoppel.


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