The US and Brazil continue to be the countries with the most deaths from Covid-19

The United States and Brazil continue to be the countries with the highest number of deaths from Covid-19 in the world, as reflected in the balance published by the international news agency AFP when showing the figures that have existed since the beginning of the pandemic in December of 2019 until 10:00 am this Sunday.

The statistics detail that the number of deaths in the United States amounts to 608.898 with 34.069.082 infections, while worldwide there are more than 189.911.110 infected and at least 4.086.242 deaths from Covid-19. On Saturday, 7.253 new deaths and 463.309 infections were registered in the world.

After the United States, the countries with the most fatalities are Brazil, with 541.266 deaths and 19.342.448 cases, India, with 413.609 deaths (31.106.065 cases), Mexico, with 236.240 deaths (2.654.699 cases), and Peru, with 195.047 deaths (2.092.125 cases).

In the last 24 hours, the countries that reported the most deaths were Indonesia with 1.093, Brazil (868) and Russia (764).

Peru has the highest mortality rate, with 592 deaths per 100.000 inhabitants, followed by Hungary (311), Bosnia (295), the Czech Republic (283), and North Macedonia (263).

From the beginning of the epidemic until 10:00 am this Sunday, Latin America and the Caribbean added 1.328.964 deaths (39.432.328 infections), Europe 1.186.886 (56.338.922), the United States and Canada 635.390 (35.491.904) , Asia 621.694 (42.506.537), Africa 157.170 (6.201.887), Middle East 154.935 (9.871.473), and Oceania 1.203 (68.062).

The ADP agency clarified that this balance was made using data from national authorities collected by AFP offices and with information from the World Health Organization (WHO).



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