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The United Kingdom brought nuclear weapons to Latin America

The Argentine Government warned yesterday, in a communiqué, that if the presence of nuclear weapons was confirmed during the armed conflict over the Malvinas Islands in 1982; as declassified files warn, it will reiterate the 2003 claim against the United Kingdom and will present its position to international organizations, given the "seriousness of the facts."

Through a declassified British government document, the Declassified UK portal reported that the United Kingdom deployed 31 nuclear weapons during the war against Argentina. This would confirm what was admitted in 2003 by the British Ministry of Defense that its fleet in the South Atlantic carried nuclear weapons, and thus would have violated the 1969 Treaty of Tlatelolco.

This information was disseminated through a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where they affirm that they “intend to raise this situation with the competent international organizations.

According to the publication of the British portal, they are based on documents from the National Archives, highlighting the great concern that there was among English officials about the possible political consequences that a misuse of that weaponry could have.

These are 31 weapons that were shipped on the aircraft carriers HMS Hermes (18) and HMS Invicinle (12), while the remainder was transferred by a Royal Fleet ship, called Reget.

In those days, the great fear of the English Ministry of Defense was that the "nuclear bombs of depth" could "be lost or damaged and the fact would be made public"

On the replacement, that portfolio said in a record that the international repercussions of such an incident could be very harmful, but on the other hand it is stated that there were no risks of an "atomic bomb-type explosion."