Spanish government rules out making the covid-19 vaccine mandatory

The Spanish Minister of Health indicated this Saturday that for now it is ruled out to make the vaccine against the Covid-19, which the government plans to start administering in January in order to immunize a significant percentage of the population in the first half of 2021.

“Experts advise us that it is not convenient for it to be mandatory, but that it could even be counterproductive. In our country there is already a good tradition of vaccination, ”Salvador Illa said during an interview with Rac1 radio.

“Although legally we could, we think it is not convenient to make it mandatory. Simply explaining ourselves well, we are sure that there will be a high level of response ”, he added.

The Spanish executive will present a plan on Tuesday that plans to vaccinate "a very substantial part of the population" during the first half of 2021, the head of government, the socialist Pedro Sánchez, announced the day before.

His Minister of Health added this Saturday that they hope to start the vaccination process in January and, although he did not want to venture to give specific percentages, he evoked the figure of "30 million citizens" vaccinated, which would represent around 70% of the population Spanish.

This massive vaccination would allow the beginning of a "different stage" in Spain, one of the European countries most affected health and economically by the pandemic, with more than 42.600 fatalities, according to official figures, and a decline in GDP of 12,8% expected this year, according to the IMF.

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