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Spain calls its ambassador in Argentina for consultations after insults from Milei

The Foreign Minister said that Milei has taken bilateral relations to their “most serious moment” in recent history.

The Government of Spain called its ambassador in Buenos Aires for “sine die” consultations this Sunday following the statements by the president of Argentina, Javier Milei, in Madrid, about the head of the Spanish Executive, Pedro Sánchez, whom he described as a “scumbag.” , and his wife, Begoña Gómez, whom he described as “corrupt.”

This was reported in an institutional appearance by the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, José Manuel Albares, who asked the Argentine president for “public apologies” for some words that he considers “very serious” and, if they do not occur, he announced that Spain will take “appropriate measures” to defend its “sovereignty and dignity.”

“They are unprecedented in the history of international relations and even less so in the history of relations between two countries and two peoples united by strong ties of brotherhood,” said Albares.

The Spanish minister said that with his behavior "Mr. Milei has taken relations between Spain and Argentina to their most serious moment in our recent history," which is why the decision had been made to call the ambassador in Buenos Aires for consultations.

In the event that the Argentine president does not apologize, Albares pointed out that the Spanish Government will take “all the measures” it deems appropriate “to defend our sovereignty and our dignity.”

"We demand from Mr. Milei respect for the forms that are due between nations that exclude interference in internal affairs and that they live up to the great country he represents and the position he occupies, forms and respect that should never have been abandoned." much more so being in the capital of Spain,” he added.

Before Albares' appearance, Spanish socialist leaders and ministers censored Milei's "insults" and "hatred" towards Sánchez and his wife through social networks and asked the líder of the opposition, the conservative Alberto Núñez Feijóo, to condemn those “unacceptable” words.

The Spanish Foreign Minister said in his speech that at the moment the leader of the Popular Party (PP) had not spoken.

Milei made these controversial statements at the 'Viva Europa 24' event, organized this weekend in Madrid by the Spanish far-right group Vox, whose líderSantiago Abascal is a personal friend of the Argentine president.


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