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South Africa denounces that Israel's impunity allows “annihilation” of Gaza

Pretoria claims that instead of stopping the genocide, Israel entered a "new and horrible" phase in Rafah.

The South African Government denounced today before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) that Israel's "institutionalized impunity" is allowing the "annihilation" of the Palestinians of Gaza, with the Rafah offensive as the "final phase" of that "destruction." and asked to demand “in a clearly explicit manner” the cessation of its military activities in the Strip.

This Thursday, South Africa had its turn to speak in the hearings convened by the ICJ on the need to issue additional precautionary measures against Israel in the face of its military offensive in the city of Rafah, the southern tip of Gaza, from where at least 450.000 have already fled. Gazans and where Israel does not rule out deploying more troops, despite international requests not to launch this operation.

The South African ambassador, Vusimuzi Madonsela, lamented that Israel “erroneously believes, given the lack of countermeasures by the international community, that it is exempt from having to respect international law,” and warned that “this institutionalized impunity has led Israel to this genocide that has shocked the conscience of humanity.”

Madonsela denounced the “continuing annihilation of the Palestinian people” and the “reduction of most of the Strip to rubble,” and assured that “seven months ago, South Africa could not have imagined that Gaza would today be largely erased from the map.”

Pretoria initiated these proceedings before the ICJ on December 29 due to the risk of genocide in Gaza. On January 26, the ICJ issued precautionary measures against Israel requiring it to take steps to prevent genocide, measures that the Court reinforced with a new order on March 28.

“South Africa hoped, when we last appeared before this court, to stop this genocidal process to preserve Palestine and its people. But the genocide by Israel has continued at an accelerated pace and has just reached a new and horrible phase,” she warned.

Pretoria submitted a new request last Friday asking for new measures, considering that the Israeli offensive in Rafah “amounts to a change” in the situation.

The ambassador said that the Israeli attempt to “whitewash” the genocide omits a “key and fundamental element: that of the massive and still growing evidence of Israel's genocidal intent,” a key requirement to prove this crime, and evidenced in documents and videos. of deputies and líderIt is Israeli military that “call for the destruction” of the Palestinian people.


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