Search for bodies in collapse of Miami, USA concludes

Firefighters today officially concluded the search for the remains of the victims of the collapse of a building in Miami, in the southern United States, which occurred almost a month ago with a balance of 97 deaths.

The site of the tragedy, in Surfside, north of Miami Beach, Florida, is already practically empty, although it can still be dangerous, experts have warned local press.

Engineer Allyn Kilsheimer warned that Collins Avenue, a nearby street, could also collapse because the pavement is supported by the walls of the parking lot of the building that fell and proposed propping up the remaining walls to reopen the road to automobile traffic.

A 55-apartment oceanfront block, part of the Champlain Towers South complex, located in Surfside, just a few miles from downtown Miami, fell in the early hours of June 24 in one of the worst urban disasters in US history.

Victims and relatives who suffered losses due to the collapse of the 12-story building will receive a minimum initial compensation of 150 million dollars, determined Judge Michael Hanzman of the Miami-Dade circuit in a hearing last Wednesday.

That amount includes about $ 50 million from insurance for the Champlain Towers South condominium and another $ 100 million from proceeds from the sale of the land on which the construction was located.

Some studies warned in the 1990s about signs of collapse of the property that was built in 1981 and another investigation in 2018 revealed damage to its structure. / Latin Press.



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