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Russia repelled Ukrainian landing near Kherson

It is the second time that Moscow has repelled this landing attempt since the military operation in Ukraine began.

Russian soldiers have thwarted a Ukrainian landing attempt on the left bank of the Dnepr River, in the province of Kherson, which took place on the night of Sunday to Monday, reported the local governor, Vladimir Saldo.

“Our soldiers opened massive fire against the enemy from all means of destruction,” he wrote on his Telegram account, specifying that the majority of the Ukrainian soldiers involved in the attempt “were destroyed in the water when approaching the shore and in the bank".

It is an island located between the left and right banks of the Dnieper River, where the front line in that area now passes.

As a result of the fire opened by the Russian side, “two ships and 11 militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were destroyed,” he added.

Earlier this week, Russia commented for the first time on reports of the Ukrainian landing on the southern bank of the river that divides the Kherson region, partially controlled by Russian troops.

According to Moscow, kyiv lost two tanks, 17 vehicles, a Grad missile launcher and other military equipment in its attempts to cross the Dnieper.

The province of Kherson split from Ukraine and integrated into Russia at the end of September 2022, after a referendum in which he won by an overwhelming majority.

Currently, Russia controls 75 percent of its territory, the western coast of the Dnieper, including the city of Kherson, remains in Ukrainian hands. The Russian authorities moved the provincial capital to the city of Genichesk on a provisional basis.


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