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Russia and Iran denounce unilateral illegal sanctions policy

Lavrov said there is no link between the Russian operation in Ukraine and the global food crisis

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Thursday in Tehran that his country and Iran condemn the unacceptable practice of unilateral illegal sanctions.

At a press conference after official talks In that capital with his Iranian counterpart, Hossein Amir Abdollahian, the Russian Foreign Minister expanded that such policies are against the Charter of the United Nations and require the rejection of all independent members of the international community.

"For this purpose, the Group of Friends in Defense of the UN Charter was created some time ago, which includes both Iran and Russia, now its membership exceeds 20 states, and I am sure it will expand," he stressed. .

Similarly, he stressed that Moscow and Tehran oppose the concept of order based on rules promoted by United States and their Western allies.

He explained that with such a strategy they intend to replace international law and the basic principles on which the highest international organization was created, especially that of the sovereign equality of States, the TASS news agency reported.

Faced with another question, the head of Russian diplomacy expressed his country's willingness to help restore the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan (PAIC) in its original configuration, as approved in 2015, without exceptions or additions, with the aim to resolve the situation surrounding the Iranian nuclear programme. He pointed out that Moscow will also work for the lifting of illegal sanctions against Iran that contradict the JCPOA.

Regarding bilateral ties, he said that both countries have good prospects for greater energy cooperation, despite the illegal actions of the United States and its allies.

Russia-Ukraine conflict

Lavrov thanked Iran for the "absolutely correct understanding" of the conflict between his country and Ukraine, especially in the context of Western attempts, led by Washington, to create a springboard in Ukraine in order to project threats against Russia.

Responding to questions from journalists, the Russian foreign minister also warned that there is no relationship between his country's military operation in Ukraine and the world food crisis.

In his opinion, "the efforts currently undertaken by both Turkey and the UN Secretary General would have been successful long ago, if Ukraine and its Western masters had solved the problem of demining Black Sea ports."

Cereals in Ukraine

He clarified that the attempts to present the situation as a planetary tragedy due to the amount of cereals kept by Kyiv constitute "a dirty line since everyone knows that these cereals are equivalent to one percent of the world production of wheat and other varieties."

Lavrov considered it important to force the Ukrainian authorities to let foreign ships out of their ports so that they do not continue trying to make this problem a distraction from the mistakes made by the West in the field of international politics, trade of food and fertilizers.

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