Quick count extends leftist Castillo lead in Peru

Photo: EFE

The leftist presidential candidate Pedro Castillo consolidated his victory in the first round of the Peruvian presidential election, in a quick count of the voting records released this morning.

According to information published on the Prensa Latina web portal, the calculation of the Ipsos company based on 100% of a sample of election records confirmed Castillo's first place, with 18,1%, while the neoliberal Keiko Fujimori asserted himself as his rival in the second round, with 14,5%.

It adds the information that the extreme right-wing Rafael López Aliaga went to third place (12,2%), relegating the neoliberal candidate Hernando de Soto to fourth (10,7%), who in a previous exit poll equaled second place with Fujimori.

Then there are contender Yonhy Lescano (9,8%), leftist Verónika Mendoza (7,9%), populist Daniel Urresti (5,9%), former soccer player George Forsyth (5,6%) and 11 other candidates with lower percentages.

Verónika Mendoza, from Together for Peru (JP), acknowledged the unofficial electoral results, declaring that "the Peruvian people have spoken through the vote, we listen and respect their voice and we assume with great responsibility the mandate they have given."
He expressed JP's willingness to "dialogue and work with all democratic political forces."

Meanwhile, López Aliaga insisted on his insinuations about fraud, accused the electoral bodies of a lack of transparency and said that he has his own computer center, the results of which he awaits.

Keiko Fujimori said that more important than the results is to achieve consensus between forces defending the neoliberal economic model to confront those who advocate, such as Castillo, to change the Constitution establishing that model.



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