Pope denounces "financial speculation" and asks to regulate it

Francisco questioned the enrichment of this sector

Pope Francis on Tuesday denounced the "speculation" that reigns in the financial markets, which in times of pandemic "have swelled like never before", and called for it to be "strictly regulated" to achieve "a different, fairer, more inclusive economy. sustainable".

In a video message, broadcast on the occasion of the prayer marathon scheduled throughout May to call for the end of the pandemic, the pope addressed the delicate issue of the economy and its injustices, according to an AFP review.

“Although the real economy, the one that creates jobs, is in crisis, there are so many people out of work! The financial markets have never been so inflated as now, "warns Pope Francis, according to the text released in Italian by the Vatican press office.

“Finance, if left unregulated, becomes pure speculation driven by monetary policy. This situation is unsustainable. It is dangerous ”, laments the pontiff.

"To prevent the poor from paying the consequences again, financial speculation must be strictly regulated," he asks.

“There is still time to start a process of global change to implement a different, fairer, more inclusive, sustainable economy that leaves no one behind. Let's do it! " urged.



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