Electoral tables close in presidential primaries in Chile

After a quiet day in which a large part of Chileans were summoned to the primaries with a view to the presidential elections in November, the voting tables closed at 18:00 p.m. local time.

As expected, attendance at the polls, which was very poor in the first hours, began to rise as this cold Sunday of the southern winter progressed and at the end of the suffrage there were lines in several voting centers.

As reported by the Electoral Service (Servel), the results could be known after 20.00:XNUMX p.m. given the usual speed of the counting process in this South American country.

However, unofficial and preliminary data on voting abroad in nations that have already concluded due to the time difference, showed important data.

According to the conservative daily El Mercurio on its website, in Europe there is a notable preference for the communist candidate Daniel Jadue within the I Approve Dignity bloc, while in Asia he shares triumphs with his contender Gabriel Boric.

Meanwhile, in the right-wing bloc Chile We Go Abroad Sebastián Sichel, who presents himself as an independent, takes the lead, which would be the surprise of the day, because until today all the polls show the veteran Joaquín Lavín as the winner and Sichel appeared far behind in preferences.

Likewise, in the whole of the voting in Europe and Asia, Chileans have voted overwhelmingly for the Left's Approve Dignity pact, according to partial data, when the vote in the Americas is yet to be known, Prensa Latina reported.



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