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Police in charge of the response to the shooting in Uvalde are suspended

The police response to the Uvalde shooting was dismissed as "a contemptible failure."

The Uvalde, Texas, police chief in charge of responding to the shooting that killed 19 children and two teachers on May 24 has been suspended, the superintendent of that school district announced.

The announcement comes a day after the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety called the police response to the massacre "a contemptible failure."

“From the beginning of this egregious event, I have expressed that the district should have waited for the investigation to be completed before making any staffing decisions,” Uvalde Superintendent Hal Harrell said in a statement.

"Because of the continuing lack of clarity and the uncertain date that I will receive the results of the investigation, I have decided to place Chief (Pete) Arredondo on administrative leave as of now," Harrell said.

The massacre of 19 children and two teachers was caused by a young gunman who went to Robb Elementary School, in the deadliest shooting that has been recorded in the United States in the last decade. Police eventually shot and killed the perpetrator. 

Local police have come under intense scrutiny after it emerged that more than a dozen officers waited for an hour outside adjoining classrooms where the shooting was taking place, without reacting.

Texas Security Chief Steve McCraw said Tuesday that Arredondo "decided to put the lives of the officers before the lives of the children."

On the same day, Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin said Robb Elementary School would be demolished.

"You can't ask a child to go back there, or a teacher to go back to that school ever," he said at a city council meeting.  


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